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Crooked Road Albums

Below are music albums that showcase the depth and variety of musical tradition on The Crooked Road. Some of these albums are available for purchase on The Crooked Road Store. Select an album below to hear more.

The Crooked Road: A Treasury of American Music

This 2-CD compilation album features songs and tunes by 50 current regional artists. These are musicians who keep a rich legacy of music in families and in community, and assure that The Crooked Road remains a place rich in music and history.

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A Guide to the Crooked Road

This guidebook paints a wonderful portrait of one of the most musical places on earth, and of the musicians, past and present, who have made it that way. Included with the book are two CD recordings of historic and current music from The Crooked Road.

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The Live Concert Recordings

The Crooked Road’s annual Mountains of Music Homecoming features Crooked Road concerts in dozens of communities throughout Southwest Virginia. A stunning hour of handpicked selections from some of America’s finest traditional artists.

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Support the Crooked Road

Support the Crooked Road!

Your donation is also used to support traditional music education, local venues, artists, and the incredibly rich musical heritage of Southwest Virginia.

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