Wayside Exhibits

The Crooked Road has a series of 26 Wayside Exhibits located throughout the region and along the Trail. Just pull your vehicle off the road to read the panels and listen on your vehicle radio to a five-minute audio recording about the heritage music and musicians in that location. The audio can be heard on your vehicle’s FM radio - within a range of about one-half mile.

Blue Ridge Institute & Museum Wayside – Franklin County
Blue Ridge Institute & Museum Wayside – Franklin County
Breaks Interstate Park Wayside – Dickenson County
Franklin County Wayside – Town of Rocky Mount
Fries Wayside – Grayson County
Hiltons Wayside – Scott County
Lambsburg Welcome Center Wayside – Carroll County
Meadows of Dan Wayside – Patrick County

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Support the Crooked Road!

Your donation is also used to support traditional music education, local venues, artists, and the incredibly rich musical heritage of Southwest Virginia.

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