Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail

About the Crooked Road

The Crooked Road began as an idea in January 2003. And response to the concept from communities, musicians, music venues, and tourism organizations was positive and immediate. As a result of this enthusiasm, “The Crooked Road” now includes nineteen counties, four cities, over 50 towns, five regional planning districts, two tourism organizations, and a large number of music venues.

Our Musical Heritage

The Crooked Road is a 330 mile driving trail through the mountains of Southwest Virginia that connects nine Major Venues and over 60 Affiliated Venues and Festivals that visitors can enjoy every day of the year. The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail is also a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 2004 whose mission is to support economic development in Southwest Virginia by promoting this region’s rich heritage of traditional music.

More Than Music

Although the Trail is focused on the uniqueness and vitality of this region’s heritage music, it also includes outdoor recreational activities, museums, crafts, and historic and cultural programs. Efforts to develop and promote “The Crooked Road” include trailblazer Crooked Road highway signage along the 333 mile route, production of a visitor guide, website, CD recordings of the region’s music, books about the music; and wayside exhibits that travelers can visit to learn more about the region’s music as they travel The Crooked Road.

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Support the Crooked Road!

Your donation is also used to support traditional music education, local venues, artists, and the incredibly rich musical heritage of Southwest Virginia.

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The Crooked Road E-Guide

View The Crooked Road Visitors Guide for more information on venues, affiliates, festivals and trip planning.

Economic Impact

The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail promotes Southwest Virginia’s music and culture by marketing over 60 cultural music venues across 19 counties, four independent cities and over 50 towns. Since 2003, The Crooked Road has branded the region as a unique place with one of the richest musical traditions and cultures in the world. Its work has contributed to the rise of interest in and appreciation for the region’s heritage music, helping to attract tourists, grow businesses, and improve Southwest Virginia’s quality of life for local residents. In 2015, the Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development prepared a report that confirms these effects and estimates The Crooked Road’s economic impact.

Analysis of interviews and surveys indicates that marketing by The Crooked Road facilitates $6.4 million of spending annually in SWVA, from which an equivalent of 108 full-time jobs are created or sustained annually, and $2 million funnel into households through workers’ wages. As this money circulates within the region through business and employee spending, additional money and jobs are created, resulting in an annual impact of approximately $9.2 million and 131 jobs in SWVA due to The Crooked Road.

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