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Blacksburg Market Square Jam

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Blacksburg’s Market Square Jam provides fun and entertainment on Wednesday evenings, June through September. The Jam takes place at Market Square Park from 7-9 p.m.

Catering to traditional old time music, the Market Square Jam brings regional musicians together to pick a tune, enjoy fun times with their friends and family, and take in all that downtown Blacksburg has to offer.

In Appalachia, Old-Time Music refers to a variety of traditional music styles – ballads, folk songs, fiddle and banjo tunes, sacred songs, and even some popular songs recorded in the early 20th century. It grew out of a mix of cultural influences – Scots-Irish, English, German, African, Native American, French and others – that shaped Appalachia.

Traditional stringed instruments starting with the fiddle and banjo, and later the guitar, upright bass, and dulcimer predominate. This music was originally played for family and friends, but with the invention of recording and radio in the early 20th century it was played more and more for public entertainment and profit. Several times it has seemed on the verge of extinction, but it has always revived. Today it flourishes through family gatherings, as well radio, television, and the internet, not to mention the hundreds of festivals that take place throughout the year, and gatherings like the Market Square Jam in downtown Blacksburg

If you’re a musician or just interested in learning, come on out to the Jam and play with the best. Or, if you’re just looking for a place to kick back on a Wednesday night, bring a chair or a blanket and join us at the park.

Note: Minimal bench seating is available in the park. Musicians and attendees are encouraged to bring chairs.

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