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The Carter Family (A.P., Sara, and Maybelle) grew up in Scott County, and began performing here. A. P. Carter was a composer, collector and arranger with a legacy of family and community music, and an ability to create songs that touched the human spirit. His wife, Sara Dougherty Carter, had a rich and expressive voice that made her a favorite here and among millions in distant places via recordings and “border blaster” radio stations such as XERA and XET. Maybelle Addington Carter (a cousin of Sara’s who married A.P.’s brother Ezra) sang harmony and occasional lead, and became the most imitated lead guitarist in country music history.

Janette and Joe Carter, sister and brother, and children of A.P. and Sara, built the Carter Fold, a performance venue east of here at the Carter home place in Maces Springs. Maybelle and Ezra’s children (Helen, June, and Anita) performed with their mother. June also performed with husband, Johnny Cash; their very favorite place to perform being the Carter Fold. Every Saturday night the Carters are celebrated at the Fold with music and dance from these mountains. There are often international visitors from as ar away as Europe and Asia, but here they can become part of a mountain family.

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