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Speer's Ferry Wayside - Scott County

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Historically the Clinch River served as a major avenue for settlement and opened up the area of southwestern Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Among other settlers, Daniel Boone lived along the banks of this river and took command of the forts in the area for almost two years before moving on in a trek that is commemorated by the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail. The natural resources of this region have been the basis for its economic development. Readily available timber provided construction materials for forts and homes, and along the river in this region logs were lashed together and rafted down to Chattanooga. Joshua Speers established a ferry across the Clinch River in 1833. Development of the railroads facilitated transport of coal. A depot was set up here for passengers to change train lines and serve the small community of Speers Ferry.

Many of the families living here trace their roots to colonial times. Among them is the Carter family. The first Carter family homestead is located in nearby Natural Tunnel State Park. Among the descendants of this family is A.P. Carter, who with his wife Sarah and sister-in-law Maybelle, became famous in 1927 as the Carter Family. Their contributions to American music included many songs that became standards, a guitar style, and an extended family of musicians who still perform. The Carter Fold, a performance center with weekly concerts, is a memorial to these natives of Scott County.

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