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Visible at great distances, Whitetop Mountain was known as the “Meadow Mountain” in colonial times. With a climate similar to southern Canada, this beloved mountain is Virginia’s second highest peak and immediately adjacent is Mount Rogers, the highest peak in the state. The Whitetop community hosts three annual festivals: the Mountain Maple Festival, the Sorghum Molasses Festival, and the Ramp Festival, devoted to consuming the odoriferous ramp, a form of wild garlic. This is also a favorite region for outdoor recreation. There are numerous trails for horseback riders, mountain bikers, and hikers, one of which is The Appalachian Trail. The summit of Whitetop is accessible by automobile and offers scenic views and picnic settings.

There’s a tradition of making musical instruments here, and Albert Hash made elaborately carved violins as well as other instruments using native woods. The red spruce, that grows at the peak of the mountains, is a prized tone wood for violins, guitars, and other fretted instruments. Hash was an inspiration to both musicians and craftspeople. He created a program in string band instruction at the Mount Rogers School, Virginia’s smallest high school. Other noted historic musicians from the Whitetop area include: Harold Hensley, Speedy Tolliver, and Jont Blevins. The historic Whitetop Folk Festival held in the 1930s attracted large audiences, national publicity, and a First Lady, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. They came to see singers of old ballads, flat foot dancers, and musicians, including fiddlers, banjo players, and lap dulcimer players.

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